What Can lift up to 1300 times its own weight?



  • Can lift up to 1300 times its own weight
  • The magnetism really difficult to remove
  • Make a neodymium cube, sphere, or the entire dinosaur own world. Magnets capable of doing, no matter what. The only limit is your imagination! View the media page for more information.
  • Magnetic beads makes it possible to reduce smoking. Whenever the craving for smoking surprise, you start to shape our craving for something new and disappears.
  • Magnets balls reduces stress
  • Magnets! the time it takes the balls, so you take only the balls of the dull places.

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Neodymium (lat. Neodymium) is the 60th element of the periodic table system belonging to the lantanodeihin. In its pattern character is Nd. Neodymium used for example to dim the mask window, strong magnets, lasers and astronomical applications.

Neodymium magnets?

Neodymium magnet (also known as NdFeB, NIB and Neo magnet) is a permanent super magnets, which are neodymium, iron and boron. These form the Nd2Fe14B compound having the structure neljäkylkinen is. The material is currently the strongest permanent magnet known.


Do not let Magnets! balls phones, hard drives, laptops, magnetic stripe cards or other magnetically sensitive devices or things close.


  • Material: Nd2Fe14B
  • the number of balls: 216 (of size M)
  • Shot size: 5 mm (size M)
  • The ball weight: 0.5 g (Medium)
  • Magnetic Force: N 35 = ~ 275 kJ / m 3
  • Lifting capacity: ~ 500 g (1300x own weight!)
  • Coating: The dyed nickel
  • Thickness: 5-6 Micron


Magnets! neodymium sphere magnets supplied in a convenient aluminum containers with a lid, which is lined inside.


Magnets.fi give 6 months warranty on the products. For more information, in the terms of the warranty .

nickel content


The product contains small amounts of nickel.